Amazing places to visit in Lucknow

Amazing places to visit in Lucknow

Places to visit in Lucknow, capital city of Uttar Pradesh is named after a Hindu god Lakshmana from epic Ramayan and also known as city of nawab. It is the largest city of Uttar Pradesh and seventh most populated city of India situated at the bank of Gomti River. Famous structures and monuments made by the Awadhi nawabs during their era has now become the centre of attraction and draw tourist from different countries.

 Here is the list of amazing places to visit in Lucknow

1.Bada Imambara

Bada Imambara - Places to visit in lucknow

Bada is a hindi word which means Big. Bada Imambara is considered among the best places to visit in Lucknow because it’s the oldest monuments built by shia muslims for remembrance of muharram. Construction of the monument was started in 1785 and completed in 1791. The structure reflects clear greatness of Awadhi designs with some unique features that makes it different from others. For example, the roof of this structure was made with dry cover layer of rice & an underground passage which connects the monuments to Gomti River.

2.Rumi Darwaza

Rumi Darwaza - Places to visit in Lucknow

The word darwaza means gateway, Rumi Darwaza was built in late 18th century by the nawab of that period Asaf-ud-daula. It is an entrance gate when heading toward old lucknow standing 60 ft tall adjacent to Imambara. Rumi Darwaza is an exact example of Awadhi architecture.

 3.La Constantia

La Martiniere college - places to visit in lucknow

Constantia was built in late 18th century by a Frenchman named Claude martin. Alike Taj Mahal the Frenchman named the monument after his first love “Constance”.
That was then, now the Constantia has been established as an educational institute known as La Martiniere College. Lamart is among the best 10+2 educational institution in lucknow. The monument comprises two different structures in it, main structure is known as ‘Mart’ and another one right in front of the main known as ‘the La’. The monument has become famous for gathering tourist because of its part in Bollywood & Tollywood movies.

 4.Ambedkar Memorial Park

ambedkar park statue - Places to visit in Lucknow

Ambedkar memorial park simply known as Ambedkar Park was built in memory of late Bhimrao ambedkar, a man who devoted his life for humanity & equality. The memorial park was built by former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati officially opened for public in April 2008. Whole structure is built with Rajasthani red stone marble and it is spread over total area of approximately 3 acre including 62 mammoth statues of elephant standing as guard on the entrance of Park.

5.Lucknow Zoo

Lucknow Zoo - Places to visit in Lucknow

Lucknow zoological garden established in 1921 and spread over total area of almost 70 acre. It’s a place where you can spend several hours and will get to see various kinds of plant, flower & animal species including Orangutan. There are only two zoos in India where you can find this species. The Zoo receives thousands of visitors every month.


Hazratganj - Places to visit in Lucknow

Hazratganj is a busy market place situated in the heart of Lucknow where you can find every item like handlooms, electronics, jewellery, delicious food etc. The streets of Hazratganj will surely make you forget big malls.


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