6 Effective Reasons Why you should start Running

6 Effective Reasons Why you should start Running

“It is Health that is real Wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”.  – Mahatma Gandhi

You might be aware of the fact that health is the only wealth which can’t be taken away by anyone. This is an eternal property one can possess and, Exercise is the best way to protect this property. There are a number of scientific studies and research which show the benefits of regular running on our body and mind.

We, humans, are a bit lazy when it comes to making a shift in our unhealthy lifestyle and opting a routine workout. But, RUNNING is one magical and decades old form of workout which can be easily blended with our super busy lifestyle. Here are some amazing benefits of running which apprise – Why you should run on a regular basis.

Help to Maintain Weight

Excess body weight is probably the biggest hurdle in maintaining a good health.  It’s the best form of exercise which comes to the rescue. Studies show that running for 30 minutes, five days a week can lend you a healthy weight and gives a total body workout regime.  It burns calories like crazy which helps you to lose weight more easily and quickly. If you are a beginner, start with a slower pace i.e. faster than you walking speed and then gradually increase it with time. Once you get well into a good running routine, you will be surprised with its wonderful results on your body.

It Strengthens Joints and Muscles

Contrary to the myth that running weakens the knees, it helps strengthen every joint in our body. It improves the flow of nutrients to the cartilage in our knees which ultimately reduces the risk of Osteoarthritis. Running also strengthens the ligaments around our joints. It is a high impact workout which helps to rebuild our bones and muscles. Also, lowers the risk of Osteoporosis.

Running is good for Heart

It improves our cardiovascular fitness along with several other benefits. Putting running into your regular fitness routine will lower the risk of heart attacks and other heart-related diseases. It also lowers body cholesterol and maintains the blood pressure. Being a foremost aerobic sport, running enhances our overall cardiovascular health and revamps our body metabolism.

Boosts Mood and makes you Happy

An interesting fact about running is that it works as a perfect mood booster and energizer to your body. While running, your brain releases hormones which boost your mood and makes you feel happy. It is incredibly beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit altogether by keeping you in a good mood, more focused and goal oriented. A regular running routine helps relieve stress thus improving good sleep. Running ultimately keeps you at par with your busy lifestyles.

It proves to be a killer Leg Workout

Apart from being a fuss free workout which increases stamina, sprinting works wonder as a leg workout. It strengthens leg muscles and bones along with toning up your legs. Running is a perfect exercise for your lower body which not only gives you stronger legs but a more flattering and shaped silhouette.

Saves money unlike pricey Gym membership

Unlike other indoor workouts, it needs no costly and heavy equipment. All you need is a nice pair of shoes and you are good to go. It’s a total body workout in itself which saves you from the expensive gym membership. Making running as your fitness regime saves you from burning a hole in your pocket. It also gives you the flexibility to choose your own time and place for a workout, unlike gym. Moreover, It helps you to reconnect with nature as you go out and make you pace with the wind.


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