Interesting facts about Narendra Modi you never knew

Interesting facts about Narendra Modi you never knew

Interesting and unknown facts about narendra modi. you will be surprised after reading this article.

  • Along with being a good Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is also a very good writer, philosopher and poet. None of his poem talks about family and patriotism. An Enthusiast, who eagerly wanted to know more about Sadhu and Hindutva when he was a teenager, so he left his house and ran away to Himalaya for two years. He was married to JasodaBen Chimalal in his childhood but left her to fulfill his dream of creating a beautiful India.
  • First Prime Minister of India who was born after Independence on 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat. Served as an aid worker on railway station during India-Pak war in 1965 and also helped Gujarat during 1966 flood.
  • He is the most followed Asian leader and third in globe after Obama and Pope Francis. For the first time on 20 May, 2014 Sinzo Abe tweeted in English to congratulate Narendra Modi when he was elected as the Prime Minister of India and except him the great footballer Vincent Kompany also followed him on twitter.
  • As we have already heard many stories about his bravery but do you people know that at the age of 14 he brought a baby crocodile to his house by crossing a river full of gigantic crocodiles which no one dares to cross.
  • With an Image of being a Pro-Hindu, Once he permitted to demolish a Temple which was built without proper government sanction.
  • South Africa is the only continent where Narendra Modi hasn’t visited yet. In his 23 months of Governance, he spent 2.5 months outside to attract other countries to invest in India.
  • It doesn’t matter on what type of document he is signing either national or International, signature remains in Hindi.
  • He discovered a new way of ironing his clothes during poor days. He put his clothes under pillow or mattress to get it ironed, that way of living made him a Fashion icon.
  • He burned his belongings to get rid of his past.
  • During his 13 years of governance as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he never took holiday and that passion of working for his state made him one of the best CM of Gujarat. During that thirteen years of tenure he turned “Gandhi Nagar” into the greenest capital in the world and “Surat” into 4th fastest developing city in world.


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