Fun venturous things to do and Famous Tourist spots nearby McLeodGanj


Mcleodganj is a busy yet peaceful place in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It’s an outlying district of Dharamshala, also known by the name ‘Lhasa‘ due to huge Tibetan population in the area. Along with being rich in culture and tradition, the place is also famous for Tibetan – handicrafts, garments, and other souvenirs. In short, this place is home to adventurous, spiritual, nature and art-loving people.

Here are some incredibly amazing places to visit and things to do in McleodGanj

dauladhar-range-triund1. Triund

Triund is a small heavenly hill station at the foot of Dauladhar range, located approx 11 km from McLeodGanj. This place is very popular among the trekkers, also listed as one of the most pleasing destinations in India. The way to reach Triund passes through a dense Oak grove which depicts the raw beauty of nature. After reaching the end point of the trek, you get to see the panoramic view of Dauladhar range covered with snow.

St-John’s-Church-aka-St.-John’s-Church-in-the-wilderness2. St. John’s Church

St John’s Church is an Anglican church which exhibits the real beauty of neo-gothic architecture. It lies between McLeodGanj and Forsythganj amidst the dense oak forest. A part of this huge structure was destroyed in 1905 due to an earthquake. After which the church was restored along with installing a big metallic bell in the building. The church premises also have a small graveyard behind the building. This serene place with a captivating scenic beauty is a must visit place in McLeodganj.

Tsung-La-Khang-Temple-aka-Dalai-Lama-temple3. Tsung La Khang Temple

Tsung La Khang Monastery or Tsung La Khang Temple is now famous as “Dalai Lama temple”. This place is of utmost religious significance for Buddhist pilgrims, monks and local people of McLeodGanj. The complex reflects Tibetan architecture also, houses the main Tibetan temple and Namgyal Gompa monastery. The main attraction of the complex is a life-size statue of Buddha along with two smaller statues of Chenresig and guru Rinpoche. The temple is famous not only for religious importance but also as a peaceful place to seek spirituality.

Bhagsunath Temple - Mcleodganj4. BhagsuNath Temple

Image Source: Panoramio

Bhagsunath temple is an ages old worship house & one of the famous holy places in Himachal Pradesh. Being a shrine of Lord Shiva, It is very popular in Gorkha and Hindu community. Local people believes that the pool beside the temple holds a magical power of healing. One can also take a stroll in the market near the temple to buy local handicrafts and souvenirs.

BhagsuNath-Waterfall-in-Mcleodganj5. BhagsuNath Waterfall

Approximately 1.5 km from the holy BhagsuNath Temple, there’s Bhagsu Waterfall with a serenity pool at the bottom. The magical waterfall is surrounded by mountains from all the sides, except the direction it flows. Standing beside the fall and admiring the picturesque location is not the only thing to do in here. I’m sure you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking a dip in the water. Alongside the waterfall, there’s a restaurant named “Shiva Cafe” which is famous for beverage and light refreshments. I put the name of this place “The Intoxication Central”.

Masrur Rock cut temple aka Himalayan Pyramid6. Masrur Temple

Masrur Rock cut Temple, also known as the Himalayan Pyramid is an immensely famous holy place in Kangra. The Temple is very popular among the tourists because of its amazing artwork and architecture. The most perplexing thing to know about this monument is that the Temple complex is made of a single Stone block. Also, resembles the cave temples of Mahabalipuram.

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