Can you place Adsense and Affiliate Marketing ads together

Can we place Google AdSense and affiliate marketing ads together on a single webpage?
Which advertising platform is better – Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing?

Some of the frequently asked questions from new bloggers who had just started making money by content writing on their blog. In order to increase their website income what new bloggers usually do is they start placing ads in bulk on their content using different advertising agencies. Bad Bad move!

Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Ads on a single webpage

Important Points to look upon when talking about Adsense & Affiliate Marketing ads.

To Increase your website Income, First thing to do is creating good quality contents and Information worthy articles. You don’t have to place advertisements in bulk on your blog to increase your website revenue. Google generally suspend users who place ads in bulk on informationless content. Google Adsense allow a maximum of three standard size ads on a single web page.

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According to Google Adsense policy guidelines, Yes they allow third party ads like affiliate marketing and limited text links together. But, placing advertisement similar to AdSense ads comes under google AdSense policy violation. Your advertisement should not be like mimicking AdSense ads. You can change the display of third party ads when placing it with Google Ads.

Now that you know placing Adsense and Affiliate marketing ads together is allowed by Google. Next thing to look over is that your Affiliate ads should not be linked to such content which comes under Google policy violation. Mainly adult content like pornography, weapons, gambling etc.

Which one is better between Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing ads?

You can not prefer one over the other, It totally depends on the type of blog you own. If you own a website where you provide information about a lot of things say Reference website with many categories, there google Adsense works better and collect more income to your bank account. As far as Affiliate Marketing is concerned, it is better for websites with a specific category.

For Example – Food & Grocery product Affiliate ads are better for Food Blogs, Clothing and Makeup product Affiliate ads are better for Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs.

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