What is Google AdWords and why it is a valuable Tool for Online Marketing

Adwords is an online advertising service which comes under ‘Google for Business’ operated by the parent company Google. Also, one of the most widely used advertising services across the world. Millions of websites and online businesses rely on Google Adwords to make their business available on Google search engine. It’s an effective tool to attract new customers for quick growth of the business. Google Adwords splits into two main networks:

Adwords for Search Network

Advertisers opt the search network to show ads on Google search sites and other search partner websites. If you choose the search network for online advertising, your ads will appear next to the search results. But, it appears only when an internet user performs a search using the term relevant to your chosen keywords.

Google Adwords for Search Network

Adwords for Display Network

Advertising on the Display Network allows advertisers to interact with a huge number of internet users. It provides a variety of ad formats that reaches over 80% of the online audience. The display network makes your ads to appear on Google subsidiaries such as Gmail, YouTube and millions of Adsense ad publishing websites. It may include any of your favorite websites & blogs you regularly visit, even this website. You can see a live example of display network ads in the sidebar of this website.

Why millions of Websites & Online Businesses rely upon Google Adwords?

Adwords is Highly effective & Easy to use

Advertising with Google Adwords is much easier as compared to other online advertising platforms. You can start using Adwords with an existing Google account or create a new account if you already don’t have. Google Adwords provides you the option to choose the spending amount for a certain advertisement and displays it to the most relevant audience.

For example – The most relevant audience for a Furniture Manufacturing Company would be the people who use terms like “Buy Table Online” or “ Online Furniture Shop” in Google Search.

You can also adjust your budget and expand or narrow your audience, depending upon the performance of your Ad campaign.

On the other hand, Adwords is highly effective, especially for those businesses that need a boost in quick time. If your ad appears on the first page of Google search results, it takes up to 7 out of 10 clicks for every related search. Now these are just numbers, it may also increase depending upon how you create an Ad in Adwords campaign. More engaging your Ad is, Better will be the results.

Adwords Vs SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Adwords & SEO are two crucial components in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) division of Internet marketing.  Both works for a common objective, to publicize any business or website by increasing its visibility in search engine results but they are different in many aspects. Adwords results are often referred as paid results because advertisers pay to get on the first page of search results.  Whereas SEO results are called unpaid or organic results.

The use of  SEO method to get higher ranking in search engine is a long-term process, it requires much more effort & can take days or even months to show positive results. Number of Inbound links(Backlinks), Search engine Indexing and Content rewriting  are some of the SEO factors that improve search engine ranking. Although, SEO practice is the best boosting option for any kind of website or business but, for new businesses Adwords is a great workaround.

Own a Website or Online Business and want to promote it? but you still a newbie to Adwords?

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