Google decided to Deprecate the Official Adsense Plugin for WordPress

Yes, you are reading it right! Google finally decided to deprecate the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress. If you are an existing user of AdSense Plugin, this article is going to help you in many ways and may resolve all your related problems.

From the first week of March 2017, new users will not be able to sign up for Google Adsense via Plugin. However, Google has extended the time for their existing users till 31 March 2017 to change their Ad setting & remove the Ads placed using the Plugin. In case you don’t remove the plugin or due to some reasons it remains on your website, your existing Ad Units will keep displaying Ads but you will not be able to make any change in future. From the first week of May 2017, Google will not provide any kind of support for the Adsense Plugin. So, remove the official AdSense plugin completely.

Why the Adsense Plugin for WordPress is going away?

Here’s the Google Answer – “We frequently review our products and features to ensure they’re providing maximum value to our users. After reviewing the AdSense Plugin for WordPress, we’ve decided that going forward we can better support WordPress publishers through new innovative features like our automatic ad formats and other upcoming initiatives. As a result, we will be deprecating the AdSense Plugin for WordPress in May 2017”.

Recommended Action for Existing Publishers

To stay unaffected, we recommend you to follow the steps given below and make all the necessary changes accordingly.

  • First thing first, Backup your WordPress site – if you haven’t done it already then better be quick because sooner or later that is going to help you.
  • Deactivate the official Adsense plugin from your WordPress site and remove it permanently from the plugin section. Deactivating the Adsense Plugin will remove all the existing Ads you have placed using it. Removal of existing Ad units will make you re-eligible to display Ads on your website using an alternative and that too without violating Google policies.

Given below are two different modes you can use to continue displaying Adsense Ads on your website.

Show Ads with Quick Start

‘QuickStart’ as the name itself says it all, it is the most time-saving and easiest method of displaying Adsense ads on your WordPress site. Quick Start allows you to place ads on your site automatically by connecting your site with a simple code snippet, “page-level ad code“. Once you put this code on your page, you only need to flick a switch in AdSense and ads will start to appear automatically.

Follow these steps to activate QuickStart for your site.

Login to your Adsense account >> My Ads >> Page Level Ads >> Switch-On QuickStart

Google AdSense Quick Start

Remember, you gonna see these options only if you have an approved Adsense account. Once you click on the Page Level Ads, you get the option to either Turn on all Ad Formats or optionally Anchor/overlay ads and/or Vignette ads.

Show Custom AdSense Ads

Just the old way, Create and place your own ad units by inserting ad units through the WordPress widgets. To do this, you’ll need to create text widgets in WordPress and copy and paste your ad unit codes into these widgets.

To display an Ad within the Article, simply copy and paste the Adsense Ad Code in the text/code form of content. But make sure your site stays compliant with the AdSense ad placement policies.

Also Read: Maximum Number of AdSense Ad allowed per Page.

Is it going to affect the Publishers?

As a user of Adsense Plugin, I would say that it irritates me to do unwanted work & make changes on my website. But it’s not going to affect me in any way, it’s just a One-time problem. In fact, using QuickStart will make it much easier for me to display Adsense Ads on my website.

If you have any question regarding the “Adsense Plugin” ask me in the comment section below or feel free to contact me personally on my Facebook Page. (Link in Author Box Section)


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