How to plan a budget trip

How to plan a budget trip

There have been times when my thirst for travelling remained unchecked just because it being out of my budget. Though dumping your holiday plan is not a cool idea so here I came up with some solution which helped me and hope it would help you too while planning an exciting as well as a low budget trip.

Choose wisely for an off season destination

Instead of hopping on touristy destination choose for an off season destination which is definitely going to be pocket friendly. For example if you are choosing an in-country destination, then go for a place which has very low visitor intensity around the season.

Pre-book your air tickets

Pre-planning your trip along with pre-booking of your tickets can surely save that extra money which you pay while instant booking. If the chosen holiday destination is not far off then you can always switch the journey by train, it always offer you cheaper yet comfortable option.

Avoid travel agents

Don’t blindly trust the travel agents to book your hotel & tickets. Some of them may appear to offer cheaper rates but the hotel and travel services which you get in return will let you down. So it’s better to plan and book your ticket all by yourself, this is the best way to keep an eye upon all your expenses. You may also explore a little on the internet before booking your hotel. There are reviews available for the hotels, through which you may come to discover some moderately charging hotels with excellent services.

Invest in a guide book

Buy a good kind of guide book which will prove to be your best advisor throughout your trip. You can refer the visiting places, hotels, restaurants, cuisines etc.

Travelling in group always saves money

While looking for a budget trip, the idea of travelling in group can come to your rescue. Travelling in group is an extraordinary experience filled with fun and soothing  your pocket as well.

Use public transportation for point to point destination

Most of the places except highly remote areas, offers very good transport facilities. So instead of hiring cabs for site seeing or point to point destination you may use local public transport. This does not only save money but you may also come across the local people to know more about the places, food, restaurants.

Avoid hotel’s breakfast and dinner

Some of the hotels provide complimentary breakfast & tea services, if it’s not included then better step out and explore some restaurants for breakfast and dinner. Some restaurants offer very good services at affordable price. Go for the seasonal or local cuisine while ordering food. It will definitely be a delightful experience and will be pocket friendly at the same time.

Shop wisely at comparatively cheaper destinations

Don’t shop randomly at every attractive market place. Explore more for cheaper markets. Most of the tourist places have their own street markets, which will offer you quality products at really jaw dropping prices. Personally I’m a sucker for handmade products and local handicraft work, so if you are too, please bother yourself a little to see around the generous effort of local handicrafts workers. You are going to find very attractive stuff at less than affordable prices. Pricey stores don’t always provide you good quality product (apart from high end brands). So don’t limit yourself from exploring some really good street markets.

Pack wisely

One of the most important key while planning your budget vacation is to ‘pack wisely’. Don’t overload your bags with lots of cloth, shoes and accessories only. Make a room for your other handy stuffs which are used frequently while travelling and in their absence we waste a generous amount of money. Keep a little bag or a duffle ready for snacks (cookies, homemade edibles, energy bars) to quench your instant craving, a reusable water bottle which can be refilled every time you get access to fresh drinking water, wet wipes, shaving kit, hair dryer, skin care essentials and most importantly some primary medicines. Don’t we waste thousand of bucks randomly just on these knick knacks? So this idea is really going to keep you within your budget.


Hope you find out these tips useful in planning your trips right within your pocket.

Sooner or later the most important part of any vacation either it’s a luxury or a budget trip comes out to be the EXPERIENCE. So try enjoying every bit of your trip up to the fullest possible way!


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