How to Quit Smoking and Reasons to do that

How to Quit Smoking and Reasons to do that

Before I give you reasons to Quit Smoking, First I will suggest you to do an experiment to know what smoking does?

Take a transparent plastic bottle and make two holes in it, one at the side bottom of the bottle and another in the cap. Now block the side bottom hole with a cork shaped rubber to fill the bottle with water, make sure that water didn’t flow out through the side hole.
Now light a cigarette and place it inside the cap hole then close the bottle with that cap, next remove the rubber from the side hole to let the water flow out. You will see as the water level decreases it sucks smoke from cigarette and bottle get filled with dense smoke. Now remove the cap and tie a tissue paper to the mouth of bottle using a rubber band next, blow air through the side bottom hole to empty the bottle filled with dense smoke.
When you remove the tissue paper you will get to see black powder like substance collected on it known as Tar (Tobacco Residue) which is the main cause of Lung Cancer. With every single puff of cigarette you inhale Tar into your lung.

I just gave you one reason to Quit Smoking

Smoking lowers your ability to become a father
People who smokes generally faces a genital problem known as Erectile Dysfunction. The main cause of dysfunction is that smoking resists circulation of blood through sex organ, not only that erection problem it also affects sperm fertility by lowering the sperm count.

Bad effect on immune system & heart
For any type of disease, smoking helps in the process of developing gradually toward a more advanced stage by lowering the body ability to fight against diseases. While in case of heart, smoking works as a resistance to blood circulation and increases the risk of Cardiac arrest/Heart Attack.

Increases Hair & Dental problems
People generally faces problem like hair loss due to in sufficient supply of nutrition and oxygen to the scalp, with every cigarette you inhale carbon mono-oxide into your body which attacks red blood cells and decreases the amount of oxygen and nutritional contents present in blood.
Smoking greater the risk & helps in progression of all types of Oral problems such as Tooth decay & loss, Bad breath, Dark spots on Gum, Tongue decay, Throat Cancer and many more.

It totally depends on you whether to really want to quit smoking or it is only a 2-3 days thing for you. By limiting yourself to smoke one cigarette a day or two cigarettes in 10 days is not a method of quitting, To quit smoking you completely have to stop smoking without looking back. In case of Craving, you have to control yourself.

Make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and remind yourself that reasons.
Before lighting a cigarette start considering about what it does to your health, personality & relationship.



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