How to stay fit while Holidaying

How to stay fit while Holidaying

Vacations are to get relaxed and roam around in your favorite pair of shorts or sweatpants but at the same time you need to play checkers with your fitness routine too. Don’t be a typical laid back bum instead revamp your relaxed muscles playfully.

Here are some easy and fun filled ways to stay fit while you are on a vacation.

Take advantage of the hotels you are staying in

If you are staying in a hotel with a pool or other indoor games then get out of your bed and gather your family or friends to play with them. You may simply go for swimming to stretch your muscles or play a game inside pool with your squad.

Walk walk and walk

Instead of hiring taxi and auto for every short distance, you may take a walk to your desired destination. Brisk walking is complete exercise in itself. Apart from burning loads of calories it will also save you some bucks. Another perk of walking is you will get to explore more and will get closer with nature, landscape, local culture and cuisines.

Keep a check on your diet

Whenever we are on a holiday trip, we often feel hungry and eat carelessly without worrying about our calorie count. That’s where we step back with our fitness regime. Try to enjoy local food and cuisine but don’t hog on too much oily and cheesy stuffs. Rather grab some bites of your favourite seasonal fruits to quench your hunger.

Drink a lot of water

Water intake, which is most important key behind a fit and healthy body, is often ignored while we are busy holidaying with our family and friends. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed throughout your vacation. Try to prefer mineral water over normal drinking water whenever you are outside on a trip.

Take advantage of your beach vacation

While spending your vacations on beach, pull on your swimsuits and get a bit adventurous to play around with the waves. You may try surfing, snorkelling or water boarding as beach sports to healthify yourself on vacations. These are brilliant form of exercises filled with fun and all new experience at the same time.

Trekking camping and water rafting

Adventurous trips like trekking, camping and water rafting are fitness friendly holiday plans which will keep you active, fit and rejuvenated throughout your travel regime. So if you are done lying lazily or want to shed those extra inches around your belly or stuck up with your monotonous work routine and want to take break and go on vacation that is refreshing then trips like trekking, camping and water rafting is your cup of tea.


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