How to gain readers and Increase website traffic

How to gain readers and Increase website traffic

Increase your Website Traffic, Simple and easy ways to attract readers. In other words visitors help in monetizing your blog and making money out of it.This post is about how to drive visitors to your site.

Create good quality contents & useful articles to increase website Traffic

Firstly, choose an eye catching title using keywords for your article. A good title draws reader’s attention, creating good and helpful content will give a comparatively higher rank to your article in search results. Higher the article are ranked by search engines, higher will be the number of visitors on you website. When someone searches anything online, they often click on first or second website link above in search result. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization, plays an important role while attracting traffic to your website. Constructing your web pages with SEO techniques help your site to rank higher in search result. Good site title, rich and helpful contents, use key words in your article are some important SEO factors.

Social Networking Sites

gain traffic on your website


Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc are medium to share your website contents and articles with your followers and readers. Create a facebook fan page for your website and share your freshly pressed articles quickly with your facebook followers. For example here is the facebook page of webmuz
Similarly a huge numbers of visitors on the website, come from twitter. Social media tool shares your latest updates on the website to your twitter followers. By using twitter you can also tweet about your new article to gain visitors.
Pinterest and Instagram are also some the finest social networking platforms on which you can share images used in your in your articles with along with your website linked up with that image. You can pin your website pictures on pinterest too.

Advertising and Promotion

Use Google Adwords (pay per click) to advertise your website on google. It will make your website available to the users searching on Google. All you have to do login with your Gmail account on Google Adwords and follow the step by step instruction. Write your Ad you want to advertise by using keywords. Google Adwords allows you to adjust your daily budget and CPC cost per click bid. Below is an image showing you where Google Adwords is going to place your Ads on Google, within the orange box.

google adwords ads

Twitter also gives you the option to promote your account and website on it. The short description of your website saying ‘Bio’ is the key part of profile which helps the reader to understand what your website is actually about. Similarly on Facebook you can advertise and promote your website. Moreover Facebook allows you to boost every single post of your website which you share on the Facebook fan page.

Submit your contents to Google Index

With the help of Google Webmaster tool you can submit all your articles/submit your page URLs to Google index. This tool will send a google bot to crawl all over submitted pages and will rank your content in search results, if it finds your articles authentic and helpful to the visitors, you can even be on the first page of Google which directly means increment in website traffic . However it doesn’t guarantee you to rank your pages higher in the search engine results.

Use of attractive themes & excellent web designing

When someone lands on your website and do not get the contents presented to them in an attractive way, they will lose interest in your website and will go somewhere else to find their solutions and would never come back. Using attractive themes and excellent web designing are things which actually work well in gaining readers and website traffic. It gains their attention and they keep coming back again and again looking for a solution to their problem.

Back-up Links

Creating back-up links for your website is another important tool for gaining website traffic. You add your website main URL to your facebook pages and twitter account which helps driving traffic to your website. Back-up links are slightly different. One of the best way to create backup links is to answer Yahoo questions along with citing your website name in the source. In this article you will see many words written in bold (link), when you click on any of them you will be directed to its website because that word is linked with its main URL, this is a perfect example of back-up links. You can ask your friends or other blogger to create a back-up link for your website in their contents.

These were some key point to keep in mind for gaining website traffic. If you have any query regarding this topic or anything to add on then please put your questions and suggestions in comment section below!


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