10 Mysterious Places to visit in India

We must have heard the mythological stories about certain places in India which remain a mystery in itself. Some of them are based on spiritual beliefs and some on scientific explanation but yet remain mysterious to us.

List of 10 Mysterious Places to Visit in India.

1.Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh fort - mysterious places to visit in IndiaBhangarh Fort also known as Bhangarh Durg is one of the most haunted places in India. It is located on the slope of a hill in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. The fort was built by King Madho Singh in the 17th century and it was named after his grandfather, Bhan Singh. As the fort is reported to be haunted, no one is allowed to stay in the monument at night. People of Bhangarh believe that during night time paranormal activities take place inside the precincts. Some of the people who disbelieved the fact and tried to stay inside the fort between sunset and sunrise were found dead.

2.Roopkund Lake, Uttarakhand

Roopkund lake - mysterious places to visit in IndiaRoopkund Lake is located at a height of approx 16,000 ft above sea level in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is also known as Mystery Lake or The Lake of Skeleton. Roopkund is a popular trekking destination and famous because of the Human Skeletons found at the bottom of Lake. The Lake area is surrounded by glaciers from all the side and remains covered with Ice for most of the time.

3.Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

magnetic hill - mysterious places to visit in IndiaMagnetic Hill also known as Gravity Hill is located at a height of 14,000 ft near Leh, Ladakh. It is believed that the hills profess magnetic properties and attract metallic objects toward it. Park your car on the road near hill to experience the moment of vehicle even when the Engine is off. Actually, it’s all an optical illusion where the surrounding makes the downhill road appears to be uphill.

4.Twin Town, Kerala

Twin Town kerala - mysterious places to visit in IndiaKodinhi Village or Twin Town is located in Malappuram district of Kerala. The village is surrounded by water from all side except one, which is connected to the town. It is listed in mysterious places due to the unusual birth of a large number of twins in the region. Despite several research and studies yet there is no exact reason found for the multiple births. According to doctors, this strange birth pattern is due to chemicals present in the water of that area.

5.Hanging Pillar, Lepakshi

hanging pillar lepakshi - mysterious places to visit in IndiaVeerabhadra Temple also known as Lepakshi Temple is located in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is famous for its architectural design including the granite statue of Nandi Bull and roof paintings. An attractive yet mysterious fact about this temple is its ‘Hanging Pillar’. One of the 70 pillars supporting the temple barely touches the ground on its edge. Due to which the pillar seems to be hanging from the roof.

6.  Jatinga Valley, Assam

Jatinga valley assamJatinga is a small beautiful valley situated in the Northeastern State of India. This valley is famous for – “Birds committing suicide story“.  During the month of September-November, a large number of local birds in Jatinga Valley commit suicide every year. Many ornithologists have dedicated their time researching the unusual phenomena, but no one has submitted a valid reason behind this unnatural mass suicide of birds.

7.Floating Stones, Rameshwaram

Floating Stone rameshwaram - mysterious places to visit in IndiaRameshwaram is located on Pamban Island between India and Sri Lanka in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. It is considered to be one of the holiest places in India. Ram Setu, the floating bridge mentioned in the Epic Ramayan was built between Rameshwaram and Mannar Island of Sri Lanka. The bridge has immersed under the sea but some of the stones found from the remains still floats in water.

8.Dhanushkodi, Pamban Island

Dhanushkodi - mysterious places to visit in IndiaA small town located at the south-eastern edge of the Pamban Island. Dhanushkodi was once a spiritual town and home for many pilgrims but now stands abandoned. This mythological town is considered to be a place from where Ram Setu was made. Once it was hit by a massive cyclone in 1964, which swept away life from this beautiful place. The ruins of this town have now become a tourist attraction and popularly known as Ghost town.

9.The Floating Islands, Manipur

Floating Island - mysterious places to visit in IndiaThe floating Islands stretch over an area of 40 square kilometers in the southeastern part of the Loktal Lake in Manipur. The lake consists several ‘Phundis’ which are the heterogeneous mass of vegetation and organic matter that has been thickened, turning it into an Island like structure. These floating Islands in Loktal Lake constitute the world’s largest only floating National Park.

10.Bada Imambara, Lucknow

Bara Imambara - mysterious places to visit in IndiaBada Imambara, located in capital city of Uttar Pradesh is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to visit in Lucknow. This grand structure is famous for its unique and Awadhi style of architecture. The mysterious fact about this life-size historical monument is its ‘Main hall’. The Main hall of Imambara is about 50 ft. high and stands without any supporting pillar or beam. This mystery behind a marvelous construction makes it the world’s largest unsupported structure.


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