Simple and Easy steps to Make money online via Blogging

One question often asked on internet – How to make money online? The simple answer to that question is via Blogging. You just have to start it in a positive way. It needs hard work to make money out of any business, similarly in blogging as well. You have to be regular to your blog only the Active Bloggers become successful. If you seriously involve yourself in doing something automatically you will get better outcome.

You can start blogging either with a website or with a personal blog.
Blog is generally a website where you can share your opinion or observation about something and provide answer to the questions people have. For example – Here I am providing you an answer for the question “How to make money online” through this article. Whereas in Personal Blogs people use to share their personal experience, life incidents, travel stories etc.

After starting a blog you have to concentrate on two important points –
Gain readers on your blog.
Monetize your blog.

Now step by step I will teach you how to start blogging and make money online.

Register a Domain name.

A domain name helps visitors to know a lot about your blog. It is like an internet address, the main URL link for website navigation. Choose a unique domain name for your website using words that are easy to remember, never make it complicated and don’t use symbols in your domain name. You will find numbers of websites on internet which provide domain name registration service, one of them is Godaddy. Here I’m telling you about godaddy because I always use it to register a new domain name. You can choose other platform which you find more suitable for the service.

Web Hosting.

Web hosting service is used by the owners to make their website accessible on world wide web. It provides space on internet to store your website pages, articles, files etc you can find numbers of web hosting service provider for your website. I prefer to use hostgator for my website hosting because it provide unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, site locking option, increase website ranking with SEO consultant and free installation of wordpress other hosting service provider may charge for installing wordpress.

Hostgator provides web hosting with three different plans

  • Hatchling plan
  • Baby plan
  • Business plan

For beginners to host a single domain hatchling plan is the best option. Whereas for hosting of multiple number of domain you need to choose baby or business plans, hosting price increases according to plan. Once you are done with hosting plans link your web hosting account and domain name together.

WordPress & Themes

After linking your web hosting account and domain name together. You have to install wordpress in the Cpanel of your web hosting service provider to make your blog go live on the internet. WordPress is a blogging tool using that you can publish articles on the internet, organize your articles by including them to certain categories, relate your articles by tags and add different widgets in the side bar of your blog.

Last point is how you present your articles to visitors and readers?
Choose a proper theme for your website. Make your blog attractive when displayed to the viewers. WordPress allows you to use some of their themes however you can also buy themes and install it to wordpress.


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