Maximum Number of Adsense Ads allowed per Web Page

Why is it important to understand Google policies and follow their guidelines? Before we start discussing maximum allowed AdSense ads per webpage.

Google Adsense is very strict with their policies and they want all the publishers to follow them. If you fail to comply with their policies, they have all the right to stop serving ads on your website.  In some cases, they even disable your approved AdSense account. Once suspended, you are not allowed to participate in any of their programs. Therefore, to maintain a long-term partnership with Google Adsense you have to stick to their policies.

If you own multiple websites, you don’t have to apply for Adsense account separately. With a single approved  account, you can start displaying ads on each and every website you own.

AdSense Ad Limit per Webpage.

Basically, AdSense provides three different ‘types’ of ad unit to display on your website.

  • Content Ad Units (Banner ads)
  • Link Ad Units
  • Custom Search Box

Don’t get confused between types of ad and number of ads, allowed number of AdSense ad is distributed in each type. We are now going to discuss all the three types in detail.

Content Ad Units

According to Google, you can place up to three content ad units(also known as banner ads) per web page. Banner advertising includes Display & Text advertisements. You can change the appearance of text ads (not available for display ads) from your AdSense account, but don’t even try to alter the Ad codes because it’s against their policy.

Content units are available in different sizes, but the responsive or automatic ad size is considered to be the best in terms of performance. Responsive ad units work according to the layout(desktop, tablet, mobile) and adapt a preferred size automatically.

Google allows only one large AdSense unit per web page. Ad units with 300×600 or similar sizes are defined as ‘large’. You can check all the available DISPLAY and TEXT Ad Sizes here.

Some of the Websites Display more than three Content Ad Units because they have Premium Adsense Account. You can’t apply to have one, Google Adsense will ask you to upgrade your account (If eligible).

Link Ad Units

You can place up to three Link ad units per web page. Placing link units helps you to display more targeted &  user-interested ads on your website. In comparison, link ad units are considered equal to content ad units in terms of performance(income) because it easily blends with website content & template.

Link ad units are also available in different sizes, but as I said earlier responsive ad size is the best option to choose. Some of the publishers get confused between text ad units & Link ad units, but there’s a huge difference between both of them. You can check all the available Link Unit Sizes here.

Custom Search Box

You can add up to two search boxes on a single web page. You can create your own customized search engine for the website using your AdSense account. When someone searches a ‘term’ using the custom search box, custom search engine starts showing content from your website related to that particular ‘term’ with advertisements. Best for websites which have many different categories and a huge number of articles.

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Maximum Number Adsense Ads allowed per Webpage

Why Google Adsense allow limited number of ads per Webpage?

Instead of overloading a web page with advertisements, they want publishers to focus primarily on producing Good quality content. You should always maintain the percentage of Content-Advertisements by 70% – 30%. Overloading a web page with ads makes it look cluttered & may lead to a bad experience for users.

Generally, new Adsense publishers use an easy method to maximize blog revenue known as ‘Bulk Advertising’ which is totally wrong. Blog income does not depend on the number of advertisements you place on your website. To increase your blog income you just need to concentrate on two things – writing quality content & appropriate positioning of ads. Find suitable areas on your blog where you can display ads for better performance.


1. In total, you can place up to ( 3 Content Units + 3 Link Units + 2 Search Boxes = 8 Ad units ) on a single web page.
2. You can customize text ad appearance but altering the AdSense code is not allowed.
3. Responsive ad size is the best option to choose.
4. Only one ‘Large’ ad unit is allowed per web page.
5. Writing Quality Content is the key.


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most people use 6-8 adsense ad and earning a lot why not google ban them tell me