Simple and Easy Methods to Monetize your Blog Content

Simple and Easy Methods to Monetize your Blog Content

The most Important point to concentrate after starting a blog is – How to Monetize your Blog?  Here are some useful and easy ways to monetize your blog content.

Place Advertisements to Monetize your Blog content.

Foremost and better way to monetize your blog is placing ads on your website contents. Going through world wide web You will find many advertising agencies which provides this service. I prefer using Google adsense as an advertising network for my site because it is widely used. There are around two million publishers connected to Google Adsense and running their websites successfully.

Login to Google adsense using your Email address and follow the step by step instruction given to you. These instructions include your website URL, Full Name, Address and other information.
First, adsense will provide you an advertisement code. You have to paste that code at the place on your website where you want that ad to appear. After pasting the code, your website goes under review process. Once the review process is completed adsense will start serving live ads on your website.

Place your ads above or below the contents. Always make it easy for your website visitors to read the contents. Below is an example of advertisements by google adsense.


Advertisement Space Sale.

Selling an advertising space of your site is another excellent to monetize your blog. Ads could be either in form of banners or text. Many companies place their ads on other websites to make their business successful and get noticed by the customers.
Selling advertisement space will results in collection of more money in your account. This method brings in a stable income every month. selling your website space through a marketing agency may charge you some percent of your income.


Affiliation Programs

Affiliation marketing is another excellent way of making money online via blogs. Here you can advertise for the products of other websites. Websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc provides the affiliation services. To get the affiliation programs of other companies check whether they provide this service or not.
Affiliation marketing simply means promotion of third party products on your blog. When your blog visitors clicks on these ads they are directed to third party website. The website selling that product will pay you commission for every purchase.
Commission is based on the percentage set by company.


Sell your own products.

Unlike affiliation marketing where you sell third party products. Here you can sell your own product on your website. For example if you are an artist say painter and have some amazing Paintings then your website is the best platform to sell it. If you are in habit of writing stories, convert it into a book and sell it online through your website.
You can use your website as an online store to sell your products whatever you want to.


Sell your blog/website

Last but not the least, after building a blog/website you can organize an online auction and sell it if you are in need of money. You can find many buyers offering you good money if your blog is running successfully and you have enough traffic on your website.
On the other hand, people also buy the blogs which are not utilized by their owners. If you are not making enough money out your blog, you better put it on auction and sell it.

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