Things to Lookover while organising an Event for Bikers


It’s very easy to organize an event nowadays but for any event to be successful, it needs flawless planning and huge effort. So here are some useful tips to turn your motorcycle event into a Blast!!

A lot depends upon Time & Road you choose

Yes, a lot depends upon the Time, Road & Motorcycle you choose for your event. And here by quoting “Time” I’m trying to speak about every factor related to it. Such as –

Date & Day: Never choose a working day to start the trip, best if you organize the event during holidays. Also, make sure that your event date does not clash with any other biking events nearby.
From the investor’s perspective, picking the date with Solo event can be profitable.

Weather:  Pre-check forecast of the day to choose, no one actually knows the mood of nature.

Distance & Duration: In term of riding, it really matters – Shorter the trip, Bigger will be the traffic. Specify the distance and duration/ stoppage and End-point before publicizing the event.

On the other hand, an uncomfortable ride may suck out the joy from the bikers. Make sure your riders don’t go through a circuitous and bumpy road.

Get Volunteers and Sponsors for your Event

“Many festivals and events depend upon volunteers to make them possible. Volunteers put the community into community events.”
– Steven Wood Schmader

You definitely need volunteers to organize a successful event and make it run smoothly. They can help you in every aspect of your event whether it’s Event Promotion, Fundraising or Generating Traffic for your event. Likewise, getting a Sponsor for your event can be extremely helpful in terms of capital. If you get the sponsors in advance(pre-event), they could even help in promotions.

Other Activities on the Trip

If you have taken care of above points then next step is to arrange some fun activities for the riders. Including other activities in the event will give a new definition to your event organizing abilities. It will also gear up the fun factor throughout the ride. Some of the fun activities which you can use as an Add-on to your event are listed below.

  1. If its’s a short biking trip ranging approx 50-100 km, then you can choose a good place on the way to take a halt. That place can be a farmhouse, resort or anything with a beautiful landscape where riders can relax and get rejuvenated.
  2. You can also plan a brunch or lunch at a place on the way.
  3. The destination you choose for the trip should be in such a way that some other activities can be arranged. Bonfire, music, food, drinks and meet-ups are easy to organize and can be a source of great fun.
  4. You can also plan a raffle at the end of the event i.e presenting gift hampers to a random winner by lucky draw.
  5. Activities with a touch of adventure such as Artificial wall climbing, Shooting, Archery etc can also be arranged.

Security and Safety

Security & safety is another major and utmost important point to look over. So while organizing such events – put safety first. Take measures to ensure safety and arrange all the necessary equipment & accessories.

  • Good quality Helmets, Gloves, Knee-pads etc.
  • Publish a safety manual for bikers and fellow riders.
  • Ensure a Bag or a Box intact with the Motorcycles to keep the First Aid Kit.
  • Instruct the riders with the road safety directions.

To take care of unexpected problems on the way, keep the tools and other repairing equipment handy. Better arrange a mechanic to stay throughout the event and trip.

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