10 Profitable Business Ideas with low Capital Investment

Small business ideas with low capital investment is a common topic of search for new entrepreneurs. Every business idea doesn’t require a huge capital investment for Start-up. Here I’m up with 10 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas.

List of Business Ideas with Low Capital Investment

1.Website & Blogging

First of all, Blog is a medium to help people online. You simply provide answer to the questions asked by internet users through articles on World Wide Web. For example, here I’m providing you an answer for “most profitable small business ideas with low investment”.
If you are good at writing content and have a little knowledge about internet & computer, blogging is one of the best platform for you. It requires low capital investment for start-up and Return of investment depends upon your blog activity. Therefore to make more money out of your website you need to be regular with content writing.
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2.Restaurant business

Restaurant is considered among one of the most profitable business with low capital investment. Success of your restaurants totally depends upon the location where you are going to start your business. Generally crowded areas nearby schools colleges, hospitals etc are considered best places to start a restaurant business. Generally food items are served and eaten in the restaurant premise. When talking about low capital investment, food delivery service is also a good option. It requires less space area and capital to start a food delivery service.

3.Pool and snooker cafe

As we all know Gaming business is a new trend in business industry. Opening a pool and snooker cafe is one of the low capital investment business and profitable at the same time. The suitable location for this business will be a space nearby colleges, shopping malls or market place. All you need is to buy three or four pool table and set up good lightning in the avenue. You are all set to yield a good amount of return through this small gaming business.

4.Gym and health club

If you have good knowledge of fitness yoga & workout then you can definitely earn by opening a small gym or a health club. This industry will never sweep you out of money cause a fit body and mind is something everyone desire for. Although you will face a lot competition in this business but patience is what going to work in your favor. Considering low capital investment, working as a personal trainer or running yoga sessions in an open park is also an option.

5.Event Planning & Management

Event Planning or Event Management requires very low capital investment. If you are good at management and planning events like wedding, exhibition fair, private parties then Event Planning is the most suitable business. You need to be a profound speaker which helps in making contacts and influencing people. Get yourself a visiting card and try to take part in events around your area. Soon people will start recognizing your business and you will band good projects.


If you are the person behind the lenses at your family functions, photography is probably the best business for you. you should definitely cash your talent by working as a freelance photographer. All you need to invest is buying a professional camera and you may yield handsome amount of money. Choose a category according to your interest that could be either Event Photography, Fashion Photography or Wildlife Photography. Create a fan page on social media to advertise yourself and your photography.

7.Interior Designing

There will always be construction of Apartments, Houses, office Spaces etc. Every such project needs a good Interior designer either government or private property. If you are a master in managing Spaces and have good aesthetic sense, Interior designing is the most suitable business for you. It only requires a small office space to work and a little investment on furniture.

8.Art & Handicraft Business

Its a sure shot business for an Artist. They can sell their own products and yield good money in low investment. Even if you are not an artist by profession, you can collect handmade items from local handicraft workers and sell them in your own shop or exhibition. You can also create an online platform to sell your products all over.

9.Customized Jewellery Designing

The market for Jewellery will never fade. Specially Indian women have immense love for it. People now a day love customized and handmade stuff. Before setting up a jewellery business you need to get skilled in jewellery designing.

10.Bakery shop

Setting up a small Bakery requires low capital investment but a great skill of baking and cooking. You can also make bakery products at home and get it delivered to your customers. You never gonna fail in running a food business if you have a hold over the people’s taste.


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