8 Things you never knew about Manoj Bajpayee’s character ‘Sardar Khan’

Sardar Khan” a name well inscribed in the minds of people of northern India after the release of the marvelously woven story of “Gangs of Wasseypur”. He portrayed in the movie as a revenge seeking thug was more than that. So here are 8 things you never noticed about him.

1. Sardar Khan suffered from night blindness

sardar khan gangs of wasseypur

As brutal may he look but he was suffering from this Incurable disease. It was very much evident in the incident where a lady fooled him by being his wife for taking advantage of him.

2. Make in India and Skill India were the brainchild of Sardar

gangs of wasseypur the movie

Sardar saw great potential in the unregulated manufacturing sector. He initiated the propagation and upliftment of the semi-skilled workers of rural India. He pioneered in the Country made gun aka KATTA manufacturing.

3. Sardar was an honest man

sardar khan honest man

He never believed in backstabbing and bitching. He was indeed an honest man who first informs his enemies about his intentions.

4. Sardar found eternity in household chores

sardar khan gangs of wasseypur movie

Whether be it washing clothes, helping women in their household routine, Sardar was the man to look out for.

5. Sardar was a messenger of love and empathy

marriage scene gangs of wasseypur

Apart from his professional mechanism, he was a very empathetic person by nature. He assumed no bars in marriage outside religion.The ultimate motive of his life was not revenging  He found the purpose of life, love, love, love and he nailed it!!

6. Sardar never compromised with his level of hospitality

ramadhir singh gangs of wasseypur

He insisted on a standard level of hospitality offered to his enemies too. Despite being ostracized from formal education he had a certain level of decency.

7. He proved on various turns that he was a born leader

manoj bajpayee gangs of wasseypur

Testing of weapons, leading an attack, driving his own ride are few of the many qualities he possessed of a true born leader.

8. Sardar was one hell of an entrepreneur

Manoj bajpayee gangs of wasseypur

He started from the rubble of Wasseypur and became top-shot. You can’t just ignore his business sense. He knew when to switch his mainstream modules from Driver, Rangdaari, Coal mafia, Scrap dealer, Sand mafia. He didn’t wait for an opportunity to come, he creates them.Sign of an Entrepreneur…Indeed!!

Image Credit: Gangs of Wasseypur the movie.


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