How to Write SEO Friendly Content for a Website

One of the most important and basic thing for an Author is to write SEO friendly content (Articles) for any website. Quality of an article plays a key role to rank any website or blog higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo search results. The term ‘SEO friendly Content’ exactly means – To create Information worthy and good quality article for your website visitors as well as for search engines too.

Before you get confused of this blogging term and start wondering what the hell is SEO? Let me first tell you that SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a technical word generally used by bloggers and web experts. In simple words, SEO makes your website or blog content to appear on first page of search engine results.When people search something on Google, they usually click on first 2-3 links in search result to get their answer. So, to gain Organic Traffic on your website it is very important to improve your search engine ranking.

Importance of writing SEO friendly content

Let me ask you straight – Why you started Blogging? The obvious answer is Money. In order to make money out of your website content, you need a huge amount of traffic on your website.  If your Website (Article) appears on first page and higher in search results, you will automatically start receiving huge number of visitors. Have a look at the flow chart below and you will easily be able to understand the importance of writing SEO friendly content.

Importance of writing SEO Friendly Content


Tips to write SEO Friendly content for a Blog or Website

Always produce authentic content with complete Information

Whether you are writing for yourself or someone else, you should always write genuine articles with complete information. When writers get out of words, they start copying content from other websites which is totally wrong. Google takes such content as duplicate and lower its ranking in search results.  Sometimes they even stop indexing such content, if claimed for copyright violation.
On the other hand, writing information less articles is a bad practice. If your website visitors don’t get the answer for their question, they will immediately switch to another website for an answer. In short, Originality and Relevancy is the key to produce SEO Friendly content for a website.

Use Keywords in your Article

Keyword means the term used by people when they search something on search engines. It is very important to use keywords in your article because it helps search engine to recognise what your article is about. Google or other search engines will index your content higher in search results, if your selected keyword matches to the term used people while searching.  It is easy to explain something with an example – For this particular article my selected keyword is ‘SEO Friendly Content’ and I have implemented this term nicely throughout the article. The best way to find out a profitable keyword for your article is by doing Keyword Research in Google Keyword Planner.

Use of Headings and Paragraph shifting is important

Use of Headings and Paragraph shifting makes your article easily readable and more engaging. No one bothers to read a lengthy article everyone looks for cut to cut answer for their question. Always use H1, H2, H3 headings in your article. Again don’t get confused of H1, H2, H3 headings, it is an On-Page SEO Technique to improve quality of your content. It encourages readers to concentrate on the important points you have mentioned in your article. Paragraph shifting decreases the length of your article and makes your content reader friendly.

Other points to look over:

  • Check Spelling and grammatical mistake.
  • Try to write a meaning full sentence.
  • Length of a sentence (maximum 20 words)
  • Length of Article (At least 500 words)
  • Use transition words.
  • Try to write in Active voice.

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