Vivek Oberoi to play Virendra Shahi in his biopic

Vivek Oberoi to play Virendra Shahi in his biopic

It seems like real life stories of UP gangsters is an inspiration to filmmakers. Bollywood Director, Kabir Kaushik has decided to capture the story of Virendra Shahi in his upcoming movie. Virendra Shahi, The dreaded mafia don from Gorakhpur who was shot dead in Lucknow In 1997. The movie will portray the rivalry between 90s Bahubali politicians Virendra Shahi and Hari Shankar Tiwari. It is expected that the movie scenes will be shot in Gorakhpur and places around. The best place to shoot this movie.

Vivek Oberoi, who is well known for his rough and rugged roles in Bollywood movies is going to play the lead role in the film. A debutante for second lead whose name has not been disclosed yet. Some of the movies in which he had played the character of an Anti-hero which is still loved by people are Company, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Raktcharitra etc.

Vivek Oberoi’s words about Virendra Shahi.

“ I like doing Iconic movies and I have heard that Virendra Pratap Shahi was quite an Iconic person. Characters like him are very interesting to play especially when you are looking at Biopics” – Vivek Oberoi


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Nitish shahi

Good work sir
I see your blogs and has found you always write unique and amazing. Keep writing like this only. Hope to see these amazing contents throughout, good luck god bless you.

Suraj Shahi

all the best Vivek waiting badly for the release of the movie