Why should we eat bananas with dark spots on it?

Why should we eat bananas with dark spots on it?

Having Banana every day increases our body ability to fight against diseases by developing our immune system.  It provides nutrition to our body and helps to regulate heart function. It contains amino acid & vitamin C which helps to boost our mind and lower the risk of memory loss, blood pressure, asthma, and cancer.

Why should we eat Bananas with dark spots on it rather than having it green or yellow?

It is scientifically proven that Bananas with dark spot are much healthier than green or yellow ones. The color of banana changes to yellow and dark spots appears as they ripe. Also, increases nutritional elements present in it and makes it more concentrated. The level of antioxidant increases in a banana as they become riper which helps in digestion. Last but not the least, it increases the release of Cytokine (Protein) which helps our body to fight against the growth of cancer tumor.


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