We are trying to establish WebMuz as a Reference Website and convert it into an Ocean of Information. We always welcome people who are interested in blogging and desire to write for us. Webmuz needs more and more people to contribute and share their unique skills & knowledge to the world. If you are in the sphere of blogging and freelance writing, we welcome you here at webmuz.

Content Rules & Guidelines

Webmuz.com is a medium that increases the availability of information on World Wide Web. Whatever content you submit on our website, it is shared with all the website users, visitors and search engines. Therefore, to uphold these values and maintain the quality, there are some boundaries on the type of content that can be hosted on webmuz site.

Content Quality: First and Foremost, always try to create genuine and unique content. Publication of copied content on this website is strictly prohibited. In case we find out that you have submitted a copied content, you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all your Articles (if any) from Webmuz. If using media items in your content such as images, informative text etc. Always mention the source or make sure it is not copyrighted (It’s OK if you are using your own). Please make sure that you are not pointing/linking to a similar kind of “Content” when crediting a source.

We have all the rights to remove inappropriate media items from your approved articles.

Links: Do not include Promotional items, Sponsored Links, or any kind of link that takes the user out from webmuz site. Promotional Items and Sponsored Links are ‘Paid’ on this website. In case you are participating in our content writing program or competitions and anyhow want to keep the link in your article, you will not get paid for that particular article.

Updates: A lot depends upon the performance of your article. If your article is getting higher ranking in search engine results and huge user interactions, there is a chance of making extra income as a bonus. Once your article is successfully published on our website, it is your responsibility to check out for Updates and make changes if needed. We are here to serve fresh information and content to our readers. Out-dated information & Un-updated articles do not perform well in the Internet world.

Comments: Replying to comment on your published article is the only way to interact with your readers. Always answer the queries related to your article via comments and try to maintain a healthy conversation with the users. No use of Sensitive/Offensive/Vulgar words in your comments.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting an Article to us for consideration, you agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. You confirm that you are the original writer of the Article and you have all the Rights relating to it.
  2. Once the article is approved to be indexed on our website, all the Rights (including Copywrite) will be transferred to WebMuz. However, in case of rejection, the ownership of the article (including all the Rights) remain with the Author.
  3. Once the article is published on our website you are not allowed to Use or Publish elsewhere without our Permission.
  4. If needed, we may correct, edit, amend or otherwise change the content of an Article.

NOTE: All the approved Articles will be published under the Author’s name. Therefore, you will be responsible for any kind of Violation, Copywrite Infringement, Claims, Loss, or Damage incurred by the published Article.


You can write about anything you are interested in but, the articles should be Informative, Authentic, and Easily Readable. At present, we have narrowed our category list due to an insufficient amount of content on our website. We will surely add and update more categories to the list once we have a decent number of articles on webmuz. Here is a list of our general categories that we are interested in;

INTERNET – Blog, Blogging Tips & Tricks, Social media, Website, WordPress, SEO, Plugins etc.

EDUCATION – Schools, Universities, study & learning tips, Guidance, Education News etc.

HEALTH – Care, Personal care, Safety, Healthy Food, Body Care etc.

BUSINESS – Business Ideas, Investments, companies, Franchise, Marketing etc.

ENTERTAINMENT – Humor, Bollywood, Movies, Magic, Storytelling, Art & Craft etc.

TRAVEL – Places to visit, Hill Stations, Monuments, Hotels, Adventure Sports, Destinations etc.

NOTE – There’s No Limit for Article Submission. You can submit as many articles as you want but don’t do it just for the sake of making money with us. If you are submitting articles in bulk, the chances are you have not spent sufficient time on researching and writing the content and it is more likely to be rejected. Instead of submitting articles in Bulk, try to add more value to your content and focus on one article at a time. Sometimes, a single article can be more profitable for you as compared to a bundle of articles.

Tips to Write Webmuz ready Content: Quick Approval

  • Start your article with a catchy headline/title. The title is the first thing users see in an article if it’s not attractive nobody is going to click on it. So, make sure you have a click-worthy title for your article. As we are a reference website, we prefer titles that resemble a Question.
  • Do a good Research before you start writing on any topic and try to write articles that people actually read and love to share. We prefer ‘How-to’ & ‘List’ articles because they are incredibly shareable.
  • Writing informative articles and maintaining relevancy throughout your content is the key.
  • Most Important, Include query terms (Keywords) in your articles. Use the exact Terms/keywords people use when searching on Google and maintain the density of that term throughout the article. Don’t just bombard your article with a single term/keyword Instead, use related keywords. Excess use of any keyword results in over-optimization and that is dangerous for your content. The keyword density should be 1-2 times per 100 words including related keywords.

For example – suppose that you are writing an article on “How to make money online” In this case, the most profitable keyword for you would be ‘Make Money Online’ and an ideal related keyword would be ‘Online Income Ideas’.

  • Start your article with an Introduction and end it with a Conclusion.
  • Always try to share something new and interesting with your readers. No one likes same old boring content.
  • Your article should be at least of 700 words with keywords in your Headings & Sub-headings.
  • Use Images and media items to make your article more engaging. (According to Content Rules & Guidelines)
  • Before finalizing your article, check it twice or maybe thrice and make sure there’s no mistake. Article with common errors and mistakes remains in the hanging garden.